Energy & Sustainability Solutions

Sit back and have your building take care of itself with JLL’s Energy & Sustainability Platform

ESP monitors buildings in real time, helping identify and solve inefficiencies that can cost you time and money. Buildings can be monitored remotely, anywhere in the world. Log in via our web portal, or your mobile phone to see how your building is performing, and see the ways we are delivering efficiencies and savings.

Many clients have hundreds or even thousands of properties in their portfolio. ESP can be used across these vast portfolios to monitor utility consumption, water, waste, recycling and greenhouse gas emissions. Sustainability reporting has never been easier than when all your data is located and accessible via our one-stop-shop.

How is my building performing relative to it's peers? It's a question we hear almost daily. Using ESP's detailed reporting and analytics, you can track the performance of your buildings relative to industry benchmarks, budgets, targets, and peers. Don't just think you know where you stand - know exactly where you stand with ESP.

你好! こんにちは! HOLA! HELLO!

Many of our clients prefer working in their native language - and the good news is that ESP makes this easy. You can personalise ESP to meet your needs. Do you prefer Mandarin? Tonnes instead of Tons? Kilograms instead of Pounds? Dollars or pesos or rubles? ESP can do it all, helping you achieve more from your property portfolio worldwide.

Benefits of ESP

Effective data management is fundamental to any effective environmental management programme. From identifying opportunities for improvement to meeting mandatory reporting obligations, ESP can access the timely data needed to analyze energy usage trends and other utility data to maximize retunes on your property portfolio.

Sustainability stories

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Kate Slattery
Can solar energy truly compete with fossil fuels on price?


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