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JLL Korea Office, Re-imagining the Future of Work

JLL Korea office transformed into a fully engaged, flexible workplace that places productivity and well-being of its people at its core.


Leasing, Project Management, Design & Build, Construction, Workplace Strategy, Change Management, Sustainability, Consulting


14,532 sq ft

Grade A office space


One IFC, Seoul, Korea

We’re reimagining the Future of Work.

An office is more than just a space for people to work. The impact of the workplace on employee attraction, fulfillment, and engagement has elevated the role of real estate in reaching strategic business goals.

With a clear focus on our Future of Work principles, the new office adopts adaptive work modes that are squarely aimed at disrupting the widely held notions of how and where people choose to work. Our office evolved from a singular vision that places productivity and well-being of its people at its core.

Focusing on the human experience, our office transformed into a sustainable, healthy and tech enabled space.

Our spaces are designed to cater to the different working styles and needs of our people. Whether it’s focused thinking, creative workshops or intimate discussions, you can find the ideal setting for the task in hand. Our receptionist, community manager and IT service manager are trained to provide the best service.

The space is designed to be sustainable and promotes the health and wellbeing of our people, everything from the greenery throughout the space, the Korean traditional elements expressing local uniqueness, the artwork showcasing our people’s passions, the air quality sensors and intelligent lighting control systems, to the free sparkling water and fruits. It’s all designed to be inclusive, healthy and comfortable, freeing up our people to be more productive and innovative.

Our technology roadmap for the office is designed to drive the business forward, and geared towards us having better interactions with each other and our clients. Technology is seamlessly integrated, collecting rich data such as air quality and movement. All of this helps us make informed decisions around space utilization and ways to improve collaboration.

Our office at ONE IFC has been awarded the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification in the Interior Design and Construction (ID+C) category.   An ambitious programme of sustainability and wellness measures were consistent with the design - air quality sensors, intelligent lighting control systems, recycling, and the elimination of single-use plastics were a fundamental part of the project delivery.

Our office design envisions ‘city in the sky’.

With full height glazing extending through the double volume space, our Design & Build team designers were presented with a unique opportunity to connect the workspace with the external light and sweeping views across Seoul.  Also challenged by the vertical proportions and the irregular floorplate, our designers embraced the building architecture to create a series of interconnected neighborhoods that help organize the space. With soaring six meter high ceilings, modulating the building proportions and structural elements was a clear focus of the design team.

The designers approached the project with an ambitious program that was inspired by the building’s architecture and the surrounding cityscape – the envisioned “city in the sky” became the conceptual pivot that would ultimately define the project.

To deliver on their intent, a series of meeting and collaborative pavilions were created, their pivoted and cantilevered ceiling planes producing unexpected forms, voids and masses, each a reflection of the surrounding city. The high level glazing suggest a sense of impermanence as they project the subtle movement of trailing light and shadows – a clear intent to draw natural light ever deeper into the interior.

A further element the designers introduced was a series of undulating ceiling fixtures that collectively read as an implied ceiling plane. These elements, not only act as a special counterpoint, they also provide acoustic mediation and additional lighting – not to mention being a useful navigational tool for anyone moving around the office.

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