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News Release

Hong Kong and Macau

Micott & Basara Comic and Animation City Set to Rise in Guangzhou Development District

RMB 10 billion invested to build China’s largest-ever comics and animation theme park

Micott & Basara (M&B) (China) Limited has recently signed a cooperation agreement with the government of Guangzhou Development District to set up China’s largest comics and animation theme park and industrial base—Micott & Basara Comic and Animation City. Under the agreement, the country's largest-ever foreign-invested comic and animation innovation industrial park will be formally located in Guangzhou Development  Zone. Total investment for the project has exceeded USD 1.32 billion (more than RMB 10 billion).

Comic & Animation City is the first large-scale integrated project investment of M&B (China), a joint venture between M&B INC. and China World Trade Corporation. As one of the ten leading projects in Guangzhou Development Zone, Comic & Animation City will be built at the beautiful Tianlu Lake (天鹿湖) in Guangzhou Development District. The project's plan is to set up a large-scale comics and animation theme park, a comics and animation industrial base called “Comic & Animation Valley,” and also supporting commercial and service facilities. Upon its completion, the project will become China’s largest comics and animation theme park and industrial base.

“The completion of Comic & Animation City will greatly boost the development of hi-tech sectors, cultural and creative industries, modern services, and tourism not only in Guangzhou but even in Guangdong province. It will also further enhance the influence of Guangzhou as one of the core cities in our country. I hope that our cooperation with M&B INC. on the Comic & Animation City project will help improve the development level of Guangzhou’s comics and animation industry and enhance the cultural exchanges between China and Japan as well as other countries,” said Zhu Xiaodan, a member of the Standing Committee of CPC Guangdong Provincial Committee, Secretary of Guangzhou Municipal Committee of the CPC, and Director of the Standing Committee of Guangzhou Municipal People’s Congress, at the meeting with Yasuhiko Kinoshita, Chairman and CEO of M&B INC.

“The business environment in Guangzhou and the investment climate of Guangzhou Development District are both very good. We are fully convinced of the eventual success of the Comic & Animation City project. We will spare no effort to work on the construction of the project and build it into one of the world’s best developments as our contribution to the growth of Guangzhou’s comics and animation industry,” said Yasuhiko Kinoshita.

Compared to Japan, Guangzhou’s comics and animation industry is still in its infancy. Nonetheless, the industry has been developing by leaps and bounds and it has taken initial shape. In fact, a number of domestically and internationally influential original brands have already sprung up, and one of them is the currently very popular “Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf.” Guangzhou’s comics and animation industry enjoys favorable conditions and unique advantages. Guangzhou is an open city that has a strong influence over the domestic market and its neighboring regions. In addition, Guangzhou is a state-level comics and animation industrial base and the government attaches great importance to the development of cultural and innovative industries.

“As the strategic consultant of Comic & Animation City, Jones Lang LaSalle is honored to participate in the project's preparation. M&B (China)'s background in the comics and animation industry provides a solid foundation for the comprehensive development of Comic & Animation City. Moreover, the project has won a great deal of support from Guangzhou Development District. We believe that Comic & Animation City will turn out to be a world-class high-end project,” said Jex Ng, Managing Director at Jones Lang LaSalle Guangzhou.