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News Release

Hong Kong and Macau

Jones Lang LaSalle to Manage ‘First Township’ in China for Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal

The Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal Development Co, Ltd recently appointed Jones Lang LaSalle as the integrated township management service provider for its Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal project. Jones Lang LaSalle will manage its building premises and all public areas, totalling 300,000 sqm of GFA. As the Chinese real estate market matures, mix-used developments are rapidly increasing in the country. In the strict sense, this is the first integrated township management appointment in China and is also Jones Lang LaSalle’s first township management project in China.
 ‘Township management refers to the provision of management services for an integrated property community that covers a large area and has a unified name but consists of many individual buildings,’ said Paul Tam, Head of Property Management for Jones Lang LaSalle, Shanghai. ‘Compared with traditional single-building property management, township management requires more consideration and coordination of the balance between sharing equipment and independent use, or the balance between “Common Area Management” and “Individual Building’s Management”.’
Located at 610 Dongdaming Road of Hongkou District, the Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal project takes up the 880 m-long golden coastline on the northern Bund. It is developed by Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal Development Co, Ltd, whose majority shareholder is Shanghai International Port Group (SIPG)—the largest listed port enterprise in mainland China. This development has attracted attention even at the very beginning of the construction phase. It has received strong support from the government as one of this year’s key projects in Hongkou District, Shanghai. The development’s facilities consist of a cruise terminal, SIPG Tower, a five-star hotel, serviced apartments, office buildings, art galleries and recreational amenities.
Divided into two sections—West and East, the project’s western section will have the port administration office and the Passenger Transport Hall, while the eastern section is where the office buildings and auxiliary business facilities will be located. The two sections are linked together by a green landscape belt measuring nearly 240 m in width. Once completed, Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal will be a new landmark in Shanghai.
‘Jones Lang LaSalle is one of the few professional real estate service firms in the market that have township management experience around the world,’ noted by a spokesperson from the Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal Development Co, Ltd. ‘We believe that Jones Lang LaSalle’s experience and professional services will actually foster coordinated operation of the modules in our multi-functional township and bring us real economic benefit. At the same time, the appointment will largely guarantee successful trading of certain premises, seamless takeover between the different owners and management within the area.’
James Wong, Head of Property & Asset Management, Greater China, said, ‘Township management service is still in its early development in China. With this new appointment, we are confident that we are able to create value for our clients and expand the service concept in China. In fact, we have received some business enquires with similar needs after the project  confirmed. It shows a great potential in China for the township management service.’