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News Release

Hong Kong and Macau

Peter Barge Wins First HICAP “Trailblazer” Award

Award recognizes his pioneering and trend-setting accomplishments in the hospitality industry

Mr Peter Barge, Jones Lang LaSalle’s Asia Pacific Chairman and Jones Lang LaSalle Hotels’ Global Chairman, received the first “Trailblazer” award at the Hotel Investment Conference Asia Pacific (HICAP) Update Southeast Asia event today. The award recognizes his leadership of Jones Lang LaSalle Hotels’ groundbreaking efforts in real estate transactions and advisory business in the Asia Pacific region, as well as his contributions in setting outstanding standards and mentoring great leaders in the hotel industry.

Mr Barge has a long established career in the hotels business dating back to 1970. He co-founded Transact Hotel and Tourism Property in Australia, where through mergers, the firm expanded throughout Asia Pacific, North America and Europe, and ultimately merged and became JLW TransAct, part of Jones Lang Wootton (JLW). In 1999, with the merger of JLW and LaSalle Partners, the firm was rebranded as Jones Lang LaSalle Hotels and Mr Barge oversaw the expansion of this highly successful business, of which he is still Global Chairman today.

Mr Barge’s 40 years of experience in the hotels industry also included four years of lecturing on hotel management and being the author of “The Art of” series (now in their 10th re-print), covering hotel services and operations and co-author of International Hospitality Industry: Organisational and Operational Issues. He also authored The Little Book of Big Decisions and was editor of The Little Book of Real Estate Definitions Asia Pacific.

“We are thrilled to be presenting the HICAP Trailblazer Award to Peter Barge as a means of recognizing and honoring his pioneering and trend setting accomplishments in the development of hotel brokerage methodologies and activities across the Asia Pacific region,” says Jim Burba, President of BHN. “Beginning with the founding of TransAct and then leading Jones Lang LaSalle Hotels’ regional expansion really set the standard for the regional real estate transaction and advisory business,” adds Mr Burba.
“We felt it was time we collectively recognized Peter for his significant contributions to our industry,” says Robert Hecker, Managing Director, Horwath HTL. “The award is truly fitting as Peter’s efforts really blazed a trail for a new dimension in the regional hotel transaction business.  In addition to his industry leadership; he’s also inspired and mentored some great leaders throughout his very successful career.”

The HICAP Trailblazer Award will be a first for the HICAP events. The award is presented selectively to only the most deserving recipients that embody the Trailblazer’s spirit and success in leading our industry into new directions and levels.  In this regard, a sextant, a simple yet powerful navigational instrument, was chosen as the physical representation of the HICAP Trailblazer Award.  The sextant was invaluable to early sailors successfully navigating the oceans to bring new discoveries and trade to world attention, and is still in use today.