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Business Smart Competition

2012 JLL Student Contest

Business Smart Competition

The Hong Kong – Zhuhai – Macao Bridge is due for completion in 2016.  To participate, discuss, in 1000 – 1500 words, the economic opportunities this bridge will bring to Jones Lang Lang Salle, a professional services firm speciailising in real estate.  Include within your discussion three strategic plans that should be implemented to realise these opportunities.

 ​If you want to join this competition, please note the following deadline:

By 31 October 2012:   Register your interest
By 16 November 2012:  Submit your proposal
By 11 December 2012:  Final presentation by up to 10 top proposal


Winner:             MOP 5,000
1st runner up:   MOP 3,000
2nd runner up:  MOP 1,500
The winners and finalists will be considered for an internship in JLL.

​ Who can participate?

A full time 2nd or 3rd year student attending a recognised university.

Submission must be made as an individual only.

Participating universities:
•Macau University
•Beijing Normal University, Zuhai
•Beijing Institute of Technology, Zuhai
•Sun Yat Sun University, Zuhai
•Jinan University, Zuhai

​ How to participate

Register your interest and submit your proposal to  Please provide your full name, the university at which you are studying, your major, academic year and student number.